Why buy new construction? My Top 5 Reasons

Without much fluff, here are my Top 5 reasons why buy new construction:

1)     Green Building.  Today most builders are very conscious the consumer expects their new homes to be energy efficient.  Construction methods vary, energy efficient appliance appliances are similar, and the end result is they all achieve energy efficiency.  There is no better feeling than to call your past clients and hear how happy they are since they cut significant utility bill costs since buying a brand new home.

2)     Most up-to-date construction code.  Since several major hurricanes hit our Orlando FL area in 2004, construction codes have been updated.  Buying today means you have the home built to the most recent construction code standards and some builders go above.

3)     You get to pick your own finishing materials and colors, and granite is more abundant and more cost effective than ever.  Granite and black or stainless steel appliance will make any space look and feel like you are in a luxury property without spending fortunes.  Some builders carry inventory homes with popular upgrade choices that makes it easier for some buyers to select the home.  In any event, it is your call.

4)     Builder’s warranty!  Most large National Builders cover up to 10 years on their structure, and you can not find this in any re-sale.  Make sure you research the builder’s history and reputation.

5)     My last and favorite reason why buy new construction is:  No one has sat on that toilet seat before :)

Why buy new construction - most up to date interiors

Why buy new construction – most up to date interiors

In conclusion resale homes might be cheaper than new homes.  Re-sale homes do not come with a structural warranty.  You might want to look into getting a home warranty, and it will cover most electrical, AC, plumbing systems, and appliances.  Most re-sales might not be energy efficient or might have not be built at the most up to date construction code standards.  The transaction might be more difficult since about 50% of resales are distressed properties.  The condition of a bank owned or short sale property is no where near the condition of a new home.  The competition to get one of these homes is fierce.  This is why I include New home builders in the list of properties and communities my clients will have access to.

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